This commercial center will be in vicinity of  high access corridors that will provide easy and fast access HAC based mixed land activities

  • Multi-storey apartment and clusters
  •  Serviced apartments,
  • Cinema Hall, Mall
  • Petrol/CNG/LPG Pump, Auto Service Station
  • Hospital c and D
  • Budget and 3 Star Hotel
  • Junior, Senior and Professional Colleges
  • Neighbourhood Retail Shop

The Dholera Knowledge and IT Parks are a significant part of Dholera SIR  initiative & expected to attract a range of Global Universities, companies from various sectors, including IT, electronics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and nanotechnology.. Knowledge parks and IT centre will bring together the latest technology and create innovative solutions by providing Offices  in economic activities. In due time Govermnment will announce policies for  IT Parks, Universities,  including tax exemptions, subsidies, and financial assistance. All three regions in  Dholera have most water bodies, it also allows  Villa/Bungalow,  Terraced/Row House on roads with smaller ROW, this will create posh localities here and will enable Gujarat to compete hand-in-hand with other major world cities and regions, such as London, New York, and Singapore. As such, it will be an important part of India’s economic growth story for years to come. This part of city will bring in modern youth to universities & Modern IT Offices. Through  Global universities Government of Gujarat will  create a conducive environment for research and innovation. The state government has also established a single-window clearance system to expedite the process of obtaining approvals and permits required for setting up operations in the region for this purpose ABCD Building is already constructed there.

The Dholera Knowledge and IT Parks are expected to attract a range of companies from various sectors, including IT, electronics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and nanotechnology. The development of these parks is expected to boost the economy of the region and create employment opportunities for the local population.

In conclusion, the Dholera Knowledge and IT Parks are an important initiative by the Government of Gujarat to create a conducive environment for research and innovation and promote the growth of the IT industry in the region. The parks are equipped with world-class infrastructure and facilities and offer several incentives for companies looking to set up their operations in the region. With its strategic location and favorable business environment, the Dholera Knowledge and IT Parks are expected to attract companies from various sectors and boost the economy of the region.

  • University campus
  • Four and Five Star Hotel & Budget Hotel
  • Multistorey Serviced Apartment
  • Office Business Park, Commercial Office; IT Park; Professional College
  • 3 Star Hotel; Commercial Retail Restaurants, Food Plazas and Food Streets Cinema Hall/Multiplex
  • Neighbourhood Retail; Dispensary, Community Hall; Library; Health Club; Day Care Centre; Public Facility/ Infrastructure/Utility Building
  • Villa/Bungalow; Terraced/Row House

Industrial Area is expected to attract investments worth $100 billion and generate employment for over 2 million people. The city will have various industries such as automobile, electronics, heavy engineering, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and food processing along with  dedicated aerospace and defence manufacturing zone.

Industrial part of the City is  also being developed as a smart city with spectacular  water bodies and world-class infrastructure and facilities. It will have a world-class road and rail  & Metro network, a dedicated freight corridor, a seaport as close as Bhaav Nagar, an international airport with MRO &  and a mass rapid transit system. The city will also have a 24×7 green solar power supply, a robust water supply system through Narmada canal & low cost treated water from Ahmedabad waste  , and a modern waste management system.

Dholer SIR,  also known for its ambitious development plans semiconductor manufacturing. and bring advanced technology to India, all while minimizing the environmental impact. Its expected to be a game-changer for the Indian electronics industry, which is currently heavily dependent on imports. With the establishment of the facility, India will become a major player in the global electronics industry and will be able to attract other international companies to set up similar facilities in the country.

In conclusion, the Dholera Industrial City is a mega-infrastructure project that is expected to transform the industrial landscape of India. The city is being developed as a smart city with world-class infrastructure and facilities. The Dholera Industrial City is a shining example of India’s commitment to creating world-class infrastructure and attracting investments from across the globe.

  • Industrial Convenience Centre;
  • Petrol/CNG/LPG
  • Station; Auto Service Station; Weighing Station;
  • Industrial sheds,   industrial plants;
  • Light industry; Service workshop;
  • Café/Restaurant
  • Bank;
  • Warehouse, Godown, Storage Facility
  • Dormitories