Residence is the most important decision when considering where to live, work and invest. Dholera has a well-planned residential zone that offers you the perfect balance of modern amenities and the environment. The combination of modern facilities, a secure environment, access to leisure activities and excellent transportation links make this a highly desirable option.

Residential zones in Dholera are kept away from commercial madness, so that you get all the focus that you need to manage your modern-day lifestyle. California style low rise residential will eventually appreciate the most.

The residential zone will be mostly gated communities thus secure and autonomous, as well as well-serviced with tech-savvy infrastructure and transportation links within the city via centre spine 250 Meter Expressway and to nearby cities. This will be an attractive proposition for those who want to enjoy the benefits of city living without sacrificing their privacy, independence, and safety.

The zone will be equipped with green spaces and access to natural attractions, making it an ideal choice for those looking for relaxed, safe, and secure living. This will also provide access to sports facilities, health clinics and educational centres for a complete living experience.

Baring few zones such as Knowledge and IT park & HAC low rise residential keeps you closed to mother earth and energises your senses. If ever the world’s largest 2000 KM fresh water reservoir is made by constructing the Kalpsar Dam, it will inspire biggest metropolitans of the developed world.

Besides Peaceful dedicated location for low rise colonies having Row houses, large roads in residence allow Hospitals, Cinema Halls, Retail Malls, petrol pumps etc. This zone has height restriction to 18 Meters & maximum FAR is 2. Housing is also possible in small roads in IT & Knowledge park zone & High Rise Multistorey HAC  & City Centre zones.