Currently it’s a no buy zone for investors. The Resorts Zone in Dholera Sir is designed to promote tourism and hospitality in the city. The area has been so well planned & every detail has been earmarked for the development of high-end resorts, hotels, and other tourism-related facilities.

Under the GDCR, the Resorts Zone is divided into two sub-zones – the Coastal and Non-Coastal sub-zones. The Coastal sub-zone is located near the Gulf of Khambhat and is meant for the development of beach resorts and other coastal tourism-related facilities. The Non-Coastal sub-zone, on the other hand, is located further inland and is meant for the development of eco-resorts, adventure resorts, and other similar facilities.

The regulations  here cover all  aspects such as land use, building height, parking, open space, and environmental impact. Developers are required to obtain the necessary permissions and clearances from the authorities before commencing any construction activity in the zone.

Once there is a clarity on Kalpsar Dam The Resorts Zone in Dholera Sir has the potential to become a major tourist destination in the state of Gujarat. Gujarat government has other plans i.e. MICE destination that includes Lothal, Velavadar Black Buck  and many other destinations.